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We had the opportunity to illustrate a colorful little book this past year ‘Now is the Time for Dreams’ and it just recently hit bookshelves this month. Bright patterns and fun typography fill the pages and will hopefully invigorate new adventures and spark innovative ideas. Here’s one of my favorite spreads from, ‘Now is the Time for Dreams.’ Thanks to the Compendium team and Megan Gandt for the art direction. For more, check out your local bookstand or browse Amazon to pick up a copy for yourself.

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Compendium BookCompendium BookCompendium BookCompendium Book

Berbati is a contemporary serif typeface inspired by old-world forms. Sharp edges, experimental accents, and multi-lingual glyphs make this font a perfect workhorse for any type collection. This typeface fits nicely into body copy as well as larger headline treatments. Purchase Berbati Regular below or send an email for more info on font licensing and to download a trial copy of the font.

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Berbati Type SpecimenBerbati Type SpecimenBerbati Type SpecimenBerbati Type SpecimenBerbati Type SpecimenBerbati Type Specimen

A peek into a recent branding with the passionate team at For Life. They will be offering a tasty selection of organic, cold-pressed juice for immunity support, energy, and overall health. A selection of iconography was created to coincide with the brands mission of finding vitalization through nature and Earth’s natural resources. For the typography, a sans serif, geometric typeface was curated to establish the minimal aesthetic. Look for these crafted elixirs in Seattle markets and fine establishments in the coming months.

For LifeFor LifeFor LifeFor LifeFor LifeFor LifeFor Life

These past few months, I have been working on crafting my latest geometric font, Ojos. Crisp lines, sharp angles, and beautiful shapes make this sans-serif font specimen a solid foundation for any typographic piece or lockup. Complete with multilingual support and extensive glyph composition. Available for purchase in the online shop here.

Ojos FontOjos FontOjos FontOjos FontOjos Font

Last month, I had the opportunity to work with the talented folks at @natgeo on their latest food issue. The Traveler mag highlights some of the tastiest food festivals, tours, and dishes from around the globe. Some of my typography and illustrations are featured on the cover and throughout the issue. Get hungry!

National GeographicNational GeographicNational GeographicNational GeographicNational GeographicNational Geographic

A poster created for a local non-profit, Project Feast. With a mission to empower immigrant and refugee cooks, this emerging organization is pushing Seattle in a tasty direction.

Project Feast

The Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (LEAP) exists to improve the academic culture for Latino and Latina students in Washington state. Ballasiotes helped transform the look of the organization to relate to the younger generation while still being relevant to the NGO sector and their respected partnerships. With a color palette representing advocacy and syncing with LEAP’s parent organization, Sea Mar, the branding approach fits in perfect unison with the goals of this community-lifting company.


Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with cut pieces of paper and fun patterns. Take a peek at a few projects below and some new branding work coming up in the future for a local non-profit.


Ballasiotes was tasked with the challenge of developing an identity for the photo and direction studio, Cave, with the main goal to build a brand creative that could be applied to the studios portrait photography (subject) as well as their accessory work (object). Several concepts were designed to be used for multiple applications and mediums. Type design and photo applications were created to show the branding in use and it’s broad range of possibilities.


I always have a fun time getting to work with the creative individuals at Compendium here in Seattle. These typographic journals are filled with inspirational and uplifting messages to help encourage writing, brainstorming, and doodling. Compendium has a bunch of other stylie, little creative tools and you can snag this journal and others from their online shop here.

Compendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium JournalsCompendium Journals

Earlier this month, I had the chance to work with talented group at New York Magazine. Take a peek at some of the hand-drawn typography that was used for their special ‘Reasons to Love New York’ issue. You’ll also notice some concepts that went unused but are rad nonetheless.

New York MagazineNew York MagazineNew York MagazineNew York MagazineNew York Magazine

Recently, I had the chance to team up with the rad Australian agency Voice on these organic fair trade bags for Rio Coffee. It was a pleasure working with the Voice team and illustrating these fun patterns and shapes to represent the weather characteristics for each of the regions of coffee. My espresso game is about to be on lock!

Rio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio Coffee

I have an awesome time working and collaborating with my creative team at Nordstrom. Everyone is super talented and brings something unique to the table. Here are a few emails I had the chance to work on these past several months. Credits: All Images property of Nordstrom. Copyrighters – Eric Swecker, Claudia A., Cedar Burnett, Lacey Clemmons, Laura Winger


A look into some tote bag samples featuring layers of unique, ink-washed shapes and simple illustrative patterns.

Patterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and Bags

A few months back, I had the great pleasure of designing The Hymn Collection for the rad team at Walk in Love. Their tees are a reminder to love deeply and live like Jesus. The final printing and designs look brilliant! Take a look at all of the tees here

The Hymn CollectionThe Hymn CollectionThe Hymn CollectionThe Hymn CollectionThe Hymn CollectionThe Hymn Collection

I’m super excited to share my first font, Estadio, which is now available online. Estadio is a hand-drawn font family in two different san Serif weights, thin and heavy. I’ve also created a handful of rad little illustrations, shapes, and inked ornaments which are available with the complete family or can be purchased separately. All english letters, special characters, and basic latin are included with each font. Pricing and more options may be viewed here.

Estadio Font FamilyEstadio Font FamilyEstadio Font FamilyEstadio Font FamilyEstadio Font FamilyEstadio Font Family

My wife and I tag teamed this fun little project and I’m super excited how it turned out. The Math Academy is a summer camp held at the University of Washington and brings in underrepresented high schoolers from all over the state. It’s always nice getting to work with your friends or family on a project and so this t-shirt design was a special treat. Take a peek at a few of the different versions below.

University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with the NY Times Magazine for their Food and Drink Issue. Recently, I have been on a cooking spree so it was fun to get to do some hand-drawn typography for the issue. Take a peek at a few of the titles throughout the mag and fun images to get some cooking inspiration. Art direction and design from the very talented designer, Jason Sfetko.

NY Times MagazineNY Times MagazineNY Times MagazineNY Times MagazineNY Times MagazineNY Times MagazineNY Times Magazine