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A look into some tasty packaging samples for Proshimi Chocolate. Vibrant colorways, ripped paper patterns, and pastel shapes make this label a memorable experience.

Proshimi ChocolateProshimi ChocolateProshimi Chocolate

Take a peek at new snippets of paper patterns, photos from the studio, a stroll through a rad plant nursery, and homemade goats milk ricotta, courtesy of my aunts farm! Thanks for looking.


A poster created for a local non-profit, Project Feast. With a mission to empower immigrant and refugee cooks, this emerging organization is pushing Seattle in a tasty direction.

Project Feast

Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with cut pieces of paper and fun patterns. Take a peek at a few projects below and some new branding work coming up in the future for a local non-profit.


These past few weeks, I’ve been working on a handful of fun typography, branding, and pattern projects. Below you’ll notice a few works in progress. I’m loving these colors and the mixture of cut paper patterns and ink brush strokes.


Recently, I had the chance to team up with the rad Australian agency Voice on these organic fair trade bags for Rio Coffee. It was a pleasure working with the Voice team and illustrating these fun patterns and shapes to represent the weather characteristics for each of the regions of coffee. My espresso game is about to be on lock!

Rio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio CoffeeRio Coffee

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with the team at Gensco to create spring illustrations for their promotional booklet. The cover shows the different locations of their Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska deliveries and highlights a few of their wide range of products.


A look into some tote bag samples featuring layers of unique, ink-washed shapes and simple illustrative patterns.

Patterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and BagsPatterns and Bags