A day in the life

I always love looking into the lives of other designers and artists and seeing their daily routine. I thought I’d share an average day in my life and a few photos for you guys to take a peek at…


8:15 AM This morning I woke up and drove my wife to work. The mornings lately have been chilly and rainy.


8:30 AM I love breakfast. On this particular morning, I made a little egg concoction with some arugula, garlic, salt, and pepper.


9:00 AM It’s important for me to start my days off with reading or a quiet time in prayer. You’ll notice some tasty coffee as well. My little stovetop espresso machine works magic and is super convenient for a quick cup.


9:15 AM This is a photo of my messy office space. I usually start by checking emails and getting some busy work out of the way before I begin cranking on whatever projects I have going at the time.

12:15 PM I love taking my lunch breaks over at my local indoor soccer center for some pickup games. This place also has a bunch of TVs which is nice when the champions league games are on in the afternoons.


2:00 PM After a quick bite for lunch, I’m back to work creating lists, getting my hands dirty, updating projects online, and trying to stay productive.


2:45 PM Inspiration, brushes, pencils, and more lists.



4:30 PM Here’s a little sneak peek into something I’ve been working for a printed card. You can see a bit of my process with the initial ink work and then adding color and additional type pieces.