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It’s been a pleasure getting to work on a few projects the past few years with Young Life. This spring, NW Seattle Young Life is hosting a rad little 5k run around Greenlake called the Decade Dash. The action is sure to be live and the mission to reach students for Christ and support the community is gonna be even better!

Young LifeYoung LifeYoung LifeYoung LifeYoung Life

I had the pleasure of working with one of my best friends on this fun little branding project. He came to me with the idea of starting a non-profit, afterschool program for kids. The focus would be on engaging activities, solid moral values, and giving the kids a foundation of love and nurturing that they might not receive elsewhere. The program hasn’t begun yet, but when it does, it’s gonna be radical.

Radical KidsRadical KidsRadical KidsRadical Kids